Tuesday, October 2, 2012

SF Green Festival 2012- Indiegogo!!

Hello Indiegogo!!!

Thank you very much for checking out Needle Happy! We really could not have gotten this far without the enormous amounts of love and support. Needle Happy is finally ready to share all of our hard work with everyone! Every year, roughly 3.8 billion pounds of clothing is added to our landfills, which is why we are on Indiegogo – to help eliminate the clutter in our landfills! We specialize in transforming used clothing into very stylish, upbeat and extremely fun custom handmade products. We really would like to attend this year’s Green Festival in San Francisco on November 10-11, 2012, the world’s largest sustainability event to spread the awareness of our goals behind saving the environment through our recycling process.

With your support, Needle Happy will be able to attend the Green Festival with a mission to promote good for our environment and you will be able to get your hands on our very awesome 100% recycled products that are personally handmade by our in-house designers!

Yours truly,

Juli & The Needle Happy Family


How It All Started!

Did you know that the average person throws away roughly 70 pounds of clothing and textile every year? This is equivalent to 3.8 billion pounds of added waste to our landfills. Scary figures, right?


After learning more about the daunting reality of clutter build up of our landfills, I gave my closet a deep personal inspection. How did I manage to accumulate this much clothes? Where did they all come from? It was really scary to find out just how much used clothing I have collected over the years. After opening endless amounts of cardboard boxes filled with ridiculously outdated clothing, I found something that really brought warmth to my heart – a hand-knit cardigan made by my grandmother. This cardigan was too special to let go of. How can I preserve this memorable item? This was the moment Needle Happy became a reality.

Why Needle Happy?

My job through Needle Happy is to remind everyone that if each and every one of us makes efforts in recycling clothing and textiles, our landfills will be filled with less clutter.

I am pretty sure that there are many of you that have closets full of clothes that you cannot seem to cut ties with because of fond memories, like the hand-knit cardigan my grandmother made for me or you saved clothes for later when you shed a few pounds (Yup, I have tons of those). When the time comes when you decide to tackle that outrageous pile of unwanted clothes, I kindly ask that you think about our environment and our landfills. Consider recycling your clothing the creative way and utilize our recycling process. Send in those pair of jeans that you refuse to throw out and have our in-house designers personally revamp them into a custom handmade bag made especially for you and no one else or purchase our ready-made products made out of 100% recycled fabrics. Needle Happy is the solution to turning around mad chaos of unwanted clothing into stylish custom accessories, while saving our landfill from unnecessary clutter. We think Needle Happy is a pretty stylish idea towards saving our environment, wouldn't you agree?



Our goal with this Indiegogo project is to be able to attend this year’s Green Festival in order to share Needle Happy’s commitment behind helping to resolve the severity of our problematic landfills with everyone. The rewards for your support are pretty straight forward: You will receive our awesome 100% recycled handmade Needle Happy products!

Every rewards tier will receive a handmade thank you card made out of our Needle Happy fabric. There are various ready-made Needle Happy products that are all handmade by our in-house designers and production team that you can choose from, so please check out the products below alongside the campaign to the right.




Thank you very much for checking out Needle Happy! We really appreciate all of your support!

All U.S. shipping is free. For our awesome friends outside of the U.S., please add $10 USD for international shipping to your pledge.